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We've moved the code to github!

Please use the code repos from github. Additionally, we would love to accept your pull requests!

About gem5-gpu

  • Merges 2 popular simulators: gem5 and gpgpu-sim
  • Simulates CPUs, GPUs, and the interactions between them
  • Models a flexible memory system with support for heterogeneous processors and coherence
  • Supports full-system simulation through GPU driver emulation

Please join the gem5-gpu-dev email list by requesting access here


Citing gem5-gpu

If you use gem5-gpu in your research, we would appreciate a citation togem5-gpu: A Heterogeneous CPU-GPU Simulator.

gem5-gpu: A Heterogeneous CPU-GPU Simulator Jason Power, Joel Hestness, Marc S. Orr, Mark D. Hill, David A. Wood. Computer Architecture Letters vol. 13, no. 1, Jan 2014 bibtex


Getting help

There are a number of places to get help using and developing gem5-gpu. Below is an ordered list where you should look for help.

  • Check this website for an answer to your question
  • Search the mailing list history for an answer: Mailing list
  • Search the gem5 wiki gem5
  • Search the gem5 mailing list gem5 mailing list
  • Create a new thread on the gem5-gpu-dev mailing list.

Detailed documentation


gem5-gpu is developed by Joel Hestness, Marc Orr and Jason Power at University of Wisconsin-Madison as part of the Multifacet team under the direction of David Wood and Mark Hill.

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